Teacher’s Bible / Biblical Research Library Partnership Printing & Distribution (click here)


* I just returned from Amity Printing of Nanjing, China. And there is great news. Africa International Missions can now offer the Teacher's Bible and Biblical Research Library at a greatly reduced price because of an established relationship with this Bible-printing company in China. (I will write more about the trip later. You will see how God can work wonderfully in our lives.)

* We are now ready for worldwide distribution of these two volumes. Please read carefully the attachment that gives all the details concerning how you can participate in receiving and distributing either of these two volumes in your country of mission or church edification emphasis.

* We at Africa International Missions are ready to help in networking groups within different countries in order to print and distribute large consignments of either volume. What groups in receiving country must do is network together to determine the number of volumes that are requested by each group.

* As we gear up for the 2014 distribution, it is our prayer that everyone recognizes that God is working fantastically in the printing and distribution of His word and teaching material to aid others in understanding the Bible. So many details of this project have come together, that we must give Him all glory for making it happen. Things like this just do not happen as a result of one's own ingenuity.

NOTE: Please go to and check out the NEW WEBSITE! My son, Matthew, and I have been working on the new site for several months in order to make all material free and easy to download. You can help us advertise the site by telling your friends to GO THERE and download all the books FREE.

STAY TUNED: We are planning another project for 2014 using the Study New Testament. We cannot reveal all the details at this time, but there may be a way you can receive 50,000 copies of the Study New Testament for distribution throughout your country. Please keep praying. Martha and I can testify to the fact that there some people out there who are really bearing down on prayer for us. There are just too many good things happening!

Roger & Martha Dickson

Cape Town, South Africa,
and now we must add: Nanjing, China